Saturday, October 29th 2016

I got my load to Frito Lay delivered and dropped, then I spent most of the day at the Knight Transportation yard in Salt Lake City. 

Headed up to Logan to pick up my next load to Walmart in Las Lunas NM. On my way up there it was pitch black and heavy rain. 

The shipper was great and very friendly, I told them I was out of hours and they told me to drop the trailer at the door and they would load it while I took my sleeper berth. Woke up next morning and I was ready to roll.

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This load was picked up at Schreiber foods in Logan, UT on October 28th 2016 and was delivered October 30th 2016 at Walmart in Los Lunas, NM. The trip was a total of 701 miles. more info about this trip

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