Saturday, August 19th 2017

Picked up a banana load from Port Manatee in Palmetto FL Thursday afternoon, then used the remaining hours and drove 75 up north across the Georgia stateline and took my night at the flying J on exit 2.

Started early next day, but my day was limited by the 70 hour limit so I had only 7 hours to drive. It was just enough to get me up to the Pilot at Mounteagle in Tennessee. I shut down there around 1500 and drove the rest of my trip the next day.

Before heading up to Anthony Marano in Chicago I stopped to meet my wife that came to meet me and to bring Pandora home. A couple of hours later I was on my way up to Chicago and now I'm here ending my trip.

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This load was picked up at World direct shipping in Palmetto, Fl on August 17th 2017 and was delivered August 19th 2017 at Anthony Marano in Chicago, IL. The trip was a total of 1237 miles. more info about this trip

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