Friendliest store in town ?

Monday, August 21st 2017

Early start today with a 5am appointment at Schnuks Distribution. I wasn't sure whether they had overnight parking or not here so I parked at Loves just 9 miles away last night. 

When I got here they have a big parking lot with overnight parking just outside the gates. Good to know for next time I'll be around.

Unloading was quick and expensive, in good Capstone style. At least the expensive part. $354 to unload.

Now I'm waiting for the paperwork which seems to take longer than the unloading.

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This load was picked up at Mars DHL supply chain in Elwood, IL on August 20th 2017 and was delivered August 21st 2017 at Schnuks in Kinloch, MO. The trip was a total of 303 miles. more info about this trip

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